Choosing Resale Vs Custom-Build Home

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Have you been asking yourself “Should I buy a resale home or a custom-built home?”

The choice between a resale home and custom building a home comes down to personal preference and asking yourself several questions like: 

  • Where do you want to live?
  • How much control do you want over your home?
  • How safe do you want your home?
  • How comfortable are you with repairing your home?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in your dream home?

These questions can only be answered by you, but we have a few considerations that may help you find your answer

What are the benefits of a resale home?

There are benefits to purchasing a resale home, but it all depends on the preferences of the buyer, their budget, long-term plans, and many more aspects that come into play while making large decisions. Here are a few thoughts to consider before buying a resale home.

Most Resale Homes are Located in Cities or Suburbs

Resale homes tend to be located in more convenient cities or suburbs where new build options are limited or unavailable. If your ideal living environment is living on a smaller lot surrounded by neighbors, then a resale home might be your best choice. 

Resale Home Buyers Typically Enjoy Home Remodeling Projects

If you enjoy fixing your home and having opportunities for home improvement projects, then there are countless benefits to buying a resale home. 

What are the benefits of a new custom-built home?

Custom-building a home can be a collaborative and creative process that brings your vision to life. A custom-built home is more than just a house though and comes with a lot of benefits — with just a few listed below.

Greater control of layout, wiring, plumbing, interior design, etc.

If you have ever toured a home on the market, you know what it is like to walk into someone else’s aesthetic. Your mind immediately goes to “I could paint this wall,” or “We could replace these appliances.” There are endless design aspects of a home that could be tailored to your specific desires but are impossible to change because they are already built. 

A custom-built home allows you to control those minute details and build the home of your dreams. From the windows to the walls, your personal tastes will dictate your future home. A home you will feel more comfortable in knowing it was built for you and you alone.

Built with new materials

Old appliances can cause issues from inconveniences to safety hazards. Wiring in resale homes can be hidden surprises. Old plumbing can cause massive headaches and unwanted bills. Mold can be hidden behind walls and in basements.

When choosing a custom-built home, you can be confident that it has been built with modern materials that will last longer and meet safety codes. Don’t leave the safety of yourself or your family to chance. 

Lower repair costs over time

Surprise repair costs are never fun, and in a resale home, they are seldom small. A custom-built home is going to require fewer repairs, updates, and renovations. You are going to save a tremendous amount of money over time by investing in a new custom-built home. Not to mention your stress levels will be greatly reduced. 

Which is the right choice for you: Resale or Custom-Built? 

When making a decision about your future home, it’s important to determine what is best for your family and your future. The choice between purchasing a resale home and building a custom home can be difficult.

Let Us Help You Through the Process

Our expert home designers, tradespeople, suppliers, and artisans can help you make the decisions that will create your dream home. Schedule a consultation with us, visit our model home located in Wadsworth, OH, and see for yourself what a custom-built home can be.