Model living room

Who Is Prestige Builder Group?

At Prestige Builder Group, we know that your new custom home is not only your dream home but also an important investment.

Our company designs and builds custom homes with the finest of craftsmanship and highest quality materials and components for our clients. Inspiration through creative design, uncompromising attention to detail and customer satisfaction is our main focus.

History of Prestige Builder Group

Following his 32 year tenure as Vice President and Designer for Prestige Homes, Jon J. Russell formed Prestige Builder Group following the closure of the former company. Our new company operates with the same business model that Jon  helped develop, and we use all of the same tradespeople, suppliers and artisans, that were used with the previous company. 

Why Choose Prestige Builder Group?

People who have built homes with the former company know us and know our dedication to customer service and attention to details. They trust us and know that we’ll continue to make their homebuilding experience the very best it can be.

Because of our impeccable service, as well as the exceptional design and flawless refinement found in our custom homes, it’s easy to understand why our customers have continued coming back to build with us again and again.